Maritime Professional Solutions PTY LTD (MPS) is owned and operated by two people with a vast amount of marine industry experience. One was trained in New Zealand and the other trained in Australia, both owners have spent time working overseas, but have settled in Brisbane Australia to establish a business that will exceed expectations and provide a high quality of workmanship and service.

Our Vision

To inspire trust

Our Mission

To perform without boundaries

Our Values

Maritime Professional Solutions operate from a core set of values, which creates a culture that every staff member is on board with.

This ensures the best possible outcome is always achieved for our customers. These core values are;


We will always endeavor to exceed our customers expectations, as well as our own. We strive for continual improvement.


Our work is our identity and quality work is of the highest importance. Our customers and peers will judge us by this constantly.


We take ownership of our successes and of our failures equally and learn from both. We embrace feedback and understand that is not personal.


We show respect to our customers, peers and ourselves. We embrace our differences and understand that our workmates and customers may not look at things the same way, but are striving for the same goal.


We love what we do and the service we provide. We take pride in solving peoples problems and offering a positive outcome.


We keep open and transparent communication with each other and especially our customers. An informed and included customer, is a happy customer.