MV Umbra

  • Internal tank cleaning
  • Installation of 50kw air conditioning system
  • Relocation of reverse osmosis plant
  • Installation of custom 6000L unleaded petrol system
  • Fresh water pump system upgrade
  • Manufacture and installation of 700L aluminum lube oil storage tank.
  • Installation of charcoal filters to black water vents.
  • Domestic plumbing upgrades

MY Aquamarina

  • Internal tank cleaning and welding repairs
  • Hull valve overhauls
  • Fuel polishing system installation
  • Install new refrigeration cooling system
  • Replacement and commissioning of fire sprinkler system heads
  • Overhaul of fuel system hydraulic quick close valves
  • Various domestic and system plumbing repairs including PVC, steel, stainless steel and CuNi
  • Various fabrication and welding tasks

Commonwealth Patrol Boats

  • Technical Superintendency of more than 40 maintenance activities in Darwin and Cairns.
  • Fleet wide component manufacture.
  • Designing engineering upgrades
  • Urgent defect (URDEF) rectification.
  • Aluminium hull, Structural and Plumbing repairs.

MY Qing

  • Hull valve overhauls
  • Installation of new air compressors, dryers and receivers
  • Manufacture of new steel sea chests
  • Passarelle hydraulic cylinder replacements.
  • Main engine and generator stainless steel exhaust manufacture and installation including flexible mounting arrangement.
  • Steel discharge overboard stub pipe replacements.
  • Manufacture and installation of main engine exhaust bellows and stainless exhaust system.

MY Platinum

  • Main engine re-power.
  • Generator re-power.
  • Installation of exhaust zero soot after treatment systems (generators).
  • Manufacture and installation of new 316 stainless steel sea chest manifold.
  • Re-manufacture of all 316 stainless steel sea chest pipework throughout engine room.
  • Manufacture and installation of full vessel external 316 polished stainless-steel handrails.
  • Manufacture and installation of main engine and generator exhaust systems.
  • Supply and installation of compressed air system, including compressor, dryer and custom air receiver.

MV Damian Leeding

Installation of engineering systems for new build of Queensland Water Police Vessel Systems included;

  • Black water system.
  • Grey water system.
  • Fresh water system.

MV Pursuit

  • Installation of ventilation systems to ULP and Jet A1 tank voids, including class approved damper systems.
  • Installation of 50 kw air-conditioning system to on-board helicopter hanger.
  • Installation of upgraded diesel transfer system.
  • Installation of roving bilge scavenge system.
  • Re-configuration and upgrade of shaft cooling system

MY Shirley Anne

  • Supply and installation of upgraded generators to Zenoro Premium Super Yacht Generators.
  • Supply and installation of Xeamos zero soot exhaust after treatment systems (generators).
  • Replacement all black water grey water and fresh water piping systems throughout vessel.
  • Supply and installation of upgraded shaft seal arrangement (Kemel EVK seals).
  • Tank cleaning and repairs.
  • Removal and overhaul of all vessel sea water pumps.
  • Removal and servicing of shaft line.
  • Full engine room strip, re-design and re-build

MV Seadeck

  • Manufacture of custom aluminium gangway.
  • Manufacture polished stainless-steel bollards.
  • Installation of piping system and conversion of redundant ballast tanks to increase black water system holding capacity.

MY Aurora

  • Installation of CuNi and CPVC bilge suction system throughout vessel.
  • Overhaul of salt water service pumps throughout vessel.
  • Design of handrails to meet survey requirements.

MV Sun Harmony

Installation of all engineering systems for new build of passenger ferry. Systems included:

  • Fire bilge pumps and system piping.
  • Fresh water pump and piping system, including guest area fit out.
  • Black and grey systems including pumps, tanks and piping systems.
  • Fuel system.
  • Main engine and generator installation.
  • Shaft line installation and alignment.
  • Rudder and steering system installation.

City Cat 22 & 23

  • Installation of main engines and driveline.
  • Stern tube liner installation.
  • Installation of rudders and steering system.
  • Installation of fuel oil system.
  • Manufacture and installation of fire/bilge system.
  • Manufacture and installation of raw water system.
  • Manufacture and installation of exhaust system.
  • Installation of fresh-water system
  • Installation of sewage system.
  • Installation of ventilation system.

QPS Conroy & Handran

  • Life extension repair and upgrades.
  • Disassembly of engine rooms for re-coating.
  • Removal and re-installation of main engines, generators, shafts, bearings, props, rudders and steering gear.
  • Black and grey water system inspections.
  • Strip, inspect and service full raw water system.
  • Anchor cable replacement.
  • Spurling pipe upgrades and re-manufacture.
  • Tank cleaning.

MY Pangaea

  • Zenoro auxiliary generator installation (2 x 200 eKW).
  • Xeamos DPF/SCR exhaust treatment system installation (2 x units with auxiliary generators).
  • Auxiliary generator exhaust system manufacture and installation.
  • Zenoro emergency generator installation (1 x 96 eKW).
  • Emergency generator compartment, ventilation system design and installation upgrade.
  • Emergency generator exhaust system manufacture and installation.
  • Hamann sewage treatment plant installation.
  • Fuel system upgrade.
  • Compressed air dryers supplied and installed.
  • Engine room deck plate manufacture and installation.

RAN LHD Ventilation

  • Design and manufacture of ventilation intake mist eliminators.

MY Star (Star Entertainment Group)

  • Plumbing system upgrades.
  • Ventilation system mist eliminator design, manufacture, and installation.
  • Major galley and sun deck bar upgrades.
  • Fire main system servicing and upgrades including custom hydrant lockers.
  • Sewage system service and repair.

MY Koonoona

  • Tender crane removal, strip for paint, overhaul, re-installation, and load testing.
  • Rudder and steering gear overhaul and installation of new bearings.
  • Shaft line, removal, bearing replacement and shaft line checks.
  • Shaft seal replacement.
  • Supply and installation of shaft line rope cutters.
  • Removal and servicing of all hull valves and sea chests.
  • Dive compressor servicing.